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We know there are a lot of web-sites out there that allow you to search for Real Estate in Idaho.

But do any of those sites PAY YOU for using their web-site?????   THIS WEB-SITE DOES!

Here is how it works….. The Large National Real Estate web-sites receive their data directly from our Local Multiple Listing Service. SO DOES  OUR WEB-SITE!

Just like those other Large National Real Estate Web-sites that provide you the ability to search for Real Estate in Idaho, our web-site does the exact same thing, with one exception…


Our web-site features  NEW listings in “Real Time” within minutes of a property being listing on our local MLS.  You have the ability to search for properties in many unique ways that the larger online real estate web-sites DO NOT ALLOW.  How about searching by a particular School or School District. Ex: Elementary, Middle or High school. West Ada School District?  The Large National Real Estate Web-sites DO NOT ALLOW you to search by a particular school or school district.

How about searching for a home in a particular subdivision or neighborhood. Our site allows you to search by subdivision name. The Large National Real Estate Web-sites DO NOT ALLOW you to search by a specific neighborhood.

Our web site enables you to search in so many different ways that the other National Real Estate Web-sites DO NOT ALLOW you to!

So just so we completely understand each other…… Our site offers you “MORE” ways to search for your next home “AND” we are going to PAY YOU for using our web site to find your next home….

WHY WOULD YOU USE ANY OTHER WEB-SITE to search for your next home?

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, not only will we pay you for using our site, we will connect you with our local lenders who will also provide you a credit for using our web-site when you obtain a mortgage thru our lending partners!

One last thing…. I know it seems like we are already giving you so much.  We will also promise to “ONLY” connect you with local “FULL TIME” Real Estate professionals to help you with your home search. Experienced Full Time Real Estate Professionals with some of the Highest Online Reviews in the State of Idaho.

So what are you waiting for- Fill out the registration form to the right and begin your home search!  If your going to shop online for your Next Home Purchase, you might as well get something back from the Web-site  you are using.



Terms and Conditions- *Buyers/Clients will be credited a minimum of $500 to a maximum of $1,000 at time of successful escrow closing with Michael Ryan Real Estate. (Buyers will be required to sign a Buyers  Representation Agreement (RE-14) & must have registered on this web-site thru this specific program to obtain this credit at escrow closing/home purchase)








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